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Next Meeting, Dallas, Texas, Not. 8, 9, 10, 11, 1915
The Southern Medical Journal, realizing
that stagnation means decay, is constantly on Cozaar 5 Mg
the lookout for points wherein improvement
and advancement are possible. Therefore the
Journal with pride calls the attention of its
readers to several Cozaar Norvasc radical changes in its make-
up, inaugurated with this number.
Beginning with the outer front page tlie en-
tire space is utilized for the Index of Contents,
which has been greatly amplified and is printed
in heavy, black-face type, and the titles
grouped under six departments, so that the
reader may at a glance find the articles in
which he is interested. To accomplish this it
was necessary to relinquish the advertisement
of a valued patron Cozaar Tablets whose monthly announce-
ments liave for years occupied the valuable
space now devoted to the convenience of our
readers in pointing out the location of the
matter published within. So rapidly has the
amount of material published monthly in- Cozaar 25
creased that a competent index thereof re- ■
quired the entire space below our motto: "The
Truth and the Truth Only on Every Purchase Cozaar Online Page
from Cover to Cover." A Cozaar 15 Mg glance at our out-
side front cover this month reveals not only a
much more complete and convenient index, but
also a great improvement in the general ap-
pearance of the Journal, that is worth all it
cost us, which is considerable.
Referring to the literary pages equally fun-
damental changes will be observed. Depart-
ments have been established which cover the
entire field of the various lines of work prac-
ticed by the medical profession and arranged Cozaar Tablet
largely in conformity ^vith the sections adopted
in its work by the Southern Medical Associa-
tion, and indicated by the following headings :
I. Special Articles; 2. Medicine, (Internal
Diseases, Neurology, Pediatrics, Diagnostic
Methods, etc.) ; 3. Tropical Order Cozaar Online Diseases and Pub-
He Health ; 4. Surgery, Cozaar 12.5 Mg Gynecology, Obstetrics
and Genito-Urinary Cozaar 200 Mg Diseases ; 5. Railway Sur-
gery ; 6. Eye Ear, Nose and Throat.
But perhaps the most important innovation
is the publication, following the original ar-
ticles Generic Cozaar in their proper departments, of brief ab-
stracts, by their own authors, of the principal Cozaar Prices
papers that appear from time to time in con-
temporaneous medical journals, particularly
those published in the South ; abstracts con-
taining from one Cozaar 25mg hundred to two hundred and
fifty words, and supplied upon the invitation
of this Journal. The author of a paper is
more competent than any one else to extract
from it the points most vitally necessary to
impart its true meaning, Cozaar 20 Mg and to express in a
few carefully chosen sentences tlie gist of the
whole matter. In this way our readers will
get the soul of the article in tabloid form,
simplified anrl condensed, though perhaps at
some sacrifice of literary excellence. It is a
compliment to any author thus to be Merck Cozaar invited
to present to our readers an abstract of bis
article published in another journal.
The exigencies of publication will compel
the use of small but clear, legible type for these
abstracts, more expensive to use but conveying
a large amount of information in a small space.
In this way, and by publishing the articles rea.d
at the Southern Medical Association and their
discussions, as well as other articles contrib-

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