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Related post: ence are Cheap Topamax Overnight sound. Any one who Buy Topamax Online Topamax reads it carefully can
not Topamax Price lay it down without appreciating that it is a Order Topamax Canada skillful
attempt at a delineation of the mysterious and interest-
ing condition of which it treats. To say, however, that
it satisfactorily fills the gap which has long been con-
spicuous in our literature of hysteria would be going
too far. Buy Topamax Online Usa Its sins of omission Topamax Generic are too numerous and too
evident for the book to merit such comprehensive com-
[N. Y. Med. Jour.,
To understand the conditions which must be ful-
filled before any Topamax Over The Counter American book can be accepted as a
satisfactory treatise on hysteria, it is necessary to have
in mind the history of tliis remarkable disease. The
complete development of the present conceptions of
la grande neurose came as the crown of a life spent in
more material fields. Yet the closing years of Charcot's
activity were so fruitful that before his death the whole
subject of hysteria underwent his scrutiny, and from
an agglomeration of symptoms which had previously
been regarded as unreal and exaggerated he separated a
mental disease which is confined by definite limitations Cheap Topamax 100mg
and which obeys recognizable laws. The Topamax No Prescription Needed influence of
the investigations carried on under his guidance at the
Salpetriere was quickly felt throughout Europe, with
the result that the additional contributions which came
from Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nancy, Leipsic, Berlin,
and other scholastic centres soon created a compre-
hensive literature for the malady and insured a general
recognition of its nature. In this movement America
shared but little. Hysteria has never become Cheap Topamax Canada a popular
subject of clinical demonstration on this side of the
water, and its literary history with us remains to be
written. So far as we are aware, the only systematic
and modern presentation of the disease hitherto avail-
able to persons who read only American books is an
article by Lloyd in a text-book of nervous diseases by
American authors.
A lack of proper instruction and an absence of ac-
cessible books of reference render the general under-
standing of any subject difficult. This is the fate Buy Topamax Online Cheap of
hysteria in America. For the most of us this multiform
psychosis remains a mixture of afEectation, exaggera-
tion, and deceit; its manifestations are the voicings of
attention-loving females; we believe in voluntary simu-
lation without motive; we scoff at the idea of a limb
being paralyzed if it is Order Topamax Cheap seen to move; when the patient
says " I can not," we accept it as " I will not," forget-
ting that Sir James Order Topamax Online Paget long ago pointed out that
" I will not " might mean " I can not will." We are,
furthermore, too prone to Topamax No Prescription employ the word " Buy Topamax Online Uk hysterical "
as a designation Topamax Price Us for a variety of functional nervous dis-
turbances which are not in any way related to hys- Cheap Topamax 50mg
Hysteria is sufficiently frequent in America to make
it very desirable that we should have some systematic
and generally accessible portrayal of the disease as it
occurs here. He who undertakes such a task, however,
assumes very considerable obligations. The disease may
take on so many forms, its relations with social econo-
my are so intimate, the need of accuracy of diagnosis
is so important, that a treatise, to be satisfactory, must
be comprehensive, and must present all the essential
facts which are known regarding the disease. It is in
the obligation of completeness that the author of the
volume whose title heads this notice has failed. He has
anticipated this criticism by announcing that the book
is intended for the " general practitioner." But we fail
to see why the general practitioner, when he buys a
monograph, should not be entitled to a thorough dis-
cussion of the subject upon which he desires to be in-
formed. How signally Dr. Preston has failed to Topamax Generic Cost render
his work satisfying may be shown by a few examples.
Traumatism is among the most frequent of the ex-
citing causes of hysteria. Order Topamax No Prescription Aside from its forensic and
clinical importance, it furnishes better than any other
causal agent a means of understanding the psychological
processes which underlie the phj'sical manifestations of
the disease. The injury calls a morbid attention to the
affected part (traumatic suggestion). After it there are
usually several hours or days (period of meditation)
during which the patient reflects on his misfortune.
Finally, by constant brooding, he comes to believe, al-
though there is no physical injury, that the injured
member can not move or can not feel. Nothing could
illustrate better the psychic origin of the symptoms.
Yet in Buy Topamax Online Without Script Dr. Preston's book traumatism as a cause of
hysteria is barely mentioned. There is no description
of the peculiar yet characteristic way in which it acts,
and a few lines are considered sufficient to indicate the
difficult questions which arise when a patient with trau-

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