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Related post: upon the similarity between the bacilli found in these
cases of atroplxic rhinitis and the Klebs-Loeffler bacilli
of diphtheria, which had led to the use of injections of
diphtheria antitoxines for the Thorazine 50 Mg cure of atropine rhinitis.
I merely refer to it, as a case lately under my care tends
to corroborate the efficacy of antitoxine in atropine rlii-
nitis. A woman thirty-two years of age who had
been a sufferer for years with very severe ozajna, and
who had been treated in the usual manner, special
attention being given to the hygiene of the nose, became
affected with laryngeal Buy Thorazine diphtheria. For this diphtheria
I administered during a period of three days three thou-
sand units of antitoxine serum, from which she made an
uneventful recovery. I have examined her several times
lately, and I requested her to come back to report from
time to time. I found that her nasal difficulty had almost
entirel}' disappeared. Of course, destruction of the tur-
binated Thorazine Price bodies had occurred, but the crusts did not
recur as before she had the diphtheria. Now it is only
necessary to cleanse the nose twice a week.
Dr. Hartjian: With regard to the electrical treat-
ment referred to in the paper, I would say that I read
a paper before this association on this subject some years
ago, and that Thorazine Uses I have had no reason to change the views
therein contained. The only objections to it are the
difficulty of apphcation and the unwillingness of patients
to submit to it. I think the Buy Cheap Thorazine stimulation by this means
is more advantageous than any Thorazine 200 Mg rapid form of stimula-
tion Thorazine 100 Mg caused by the ordinary applications; although thor-
ough cleansing is of course necessary in order to carry
off the accumulated secretions and prevent further irri-
tation from them.
Dr. Logan: This subject of atrophic rhinitis appeals
to me verjr forcibly in view of the fact that in the
chmate in which I live we come in contact with a great
many of these cases. The records of my clinic will show,
I think, a surprisingly large percentage of these cases.
The many methods of treatment hitherto siiggested have
for the most part Thorazine Iv resulted in nothing in my hands. In
m}' experience the classical site of this disease is in the
middle tiwbinate body, and not the inferior, as sug-
gested by Dr. Mackenzie. I have seen many cases where
the middle body alone gave evidence of disease. To Order Thorazine Online me
this seems very rational if we are willing to accept the
theory of accessory sinus inflammation as suggested by
Michel. The middle turbinate body serves as the drip-
string or drainage canal to these cavities. The drying
of these discharges by the currents of air, the formation
of crusts, the contractile power exerted by these crusts,
all together might produce mechanically the condition of
[N. Y. Med. Joub.,
In the liglit of mechanical production I have for
the last 3'ear and a half opened up these accessory cavi-
ties and established free drainage, and I can exliibit
some very pleasing results.
Dr. Casselberrt: In German literature the term
ozffina is now by common consent restricted to that type
of atrophic rhinitis which is accompanied by fcetor.
So used it means more than a bad odor, and it does not
mean a bad odor from other causes, such as syphilitic
bone necrosis. It is in this sense that I employed the
term in my introduction to this Order Thorazine discussion, and to make
the subject still plainer, designated it the ozasnal type of
atrophic rhinitis. Ikly Buy Thorazine Online remarks upon Frankel's transi-
tion theory, which Chlorpromazine Thorazine is advocated Thorazine Chlorpromazine by Dr. Mackenzie were
not intended as " strictures." I accept this theory in
part, but regard it as inadequate in explanation of all
cases, and Purchase Thorazine notably those of early infancy. The sugges-
tion that the previous hypertrophic stage occurred in
intra-uterine life I regard as an evasion because of its
The remarks of Dr. Eice are very suggestive. I have
often been requested by these patients to consider for
them a choice Purchase Thorazine Online of climate. What part of the United
States can we recommend? Those members who are
famiUar with the climates of different parts of the coun-
try, Thorazine Online particularly in the South, might inform the associa-
tion of localities favorable for such cases. On Thorazine 10 Mg purely
theoretical grounds I have refrained from sending them
to the dry regions of the West, and have recommended
the seashore or warmer moist and salubrious parts.
Nevertheless, I have Thorazine 25 Mg at least one patient who of late has
resided in Denver with certainly no greater difficulty
with his dry rhinotracheitis than he suffered in Chi-
Dr. Mackenzie, in reply to Dr. Logan, said that the
production of atrophy by the dripping of Generic Thorazine pus and the
formation of crasts on the mucous membrane had no
parallel in all pathology. Such a Thorazine Bipolar view had no proper
place outside of the imagination. In reply to Dr. Eice's
mention of his use of strong solutions of bichloride

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