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In four of the seven t alorimctrical experiments of WOod
on »litTerent fevered doi:;s eoin[)arison can he ma(h' of tlie
Hmouut of heal produced hourly in fever with that pro-
duced by the siime Best Saw Palmetto Product animal when fed and when in a state of
hunirer. I)iirinLj the period of fever the uniuial was also in
a condition of hunj;er. I have computed from Wood's
tables that the averaije hourly heat-production durinj; seven
days desttribed as first and second fever days is a little over
23 per cent, greater than that produced by the healthy ani-
mal durinii; a state of luuiijer, the minimum excess beinj; 1
per cent, and the maximum hh'h percent. If Buy Saw Palmetto Extract a comparison
is made of different periods during the existence of fever
there are found to be even greater fluctuations in the
amount of heat-production than these figures would indi-
cate, this amount being sometimes more than double that
in hunger, and sometimes considerably less than the average
production in hunger. Moreover, these experiments show
no definite relation between the height of the temperature
and the amount of lieat produced, nor is it possible to de-
duce from them any relation between heat-production and
the different stages of fever, such as the more recent calori-
metrical experiments of Wood, Reichert, and Hare appear
to show, and which will be described farther on. An im-
portant outcome of these, as well as of all similar calori-
metrical experiments, is that, although the heat-production
of an animal in fever is greater than that of one under like
conditions of nourishment, it is, as a rule, less than that of
the same animal upon a full diet.
There are many reasons which make it important to
control the experimental results obtained from animals in
fever by corresponding observations of human beings. The
agents used in producing experimental fever have generally
been putrid fluids or pus, the injection of which causes
sometimes diminution instead of elevation of temperature.
When fever is thus produced it is usually of short duration
and of only moderate intensity, the rise of temperature
being rarely more than four degrees, and sometimes not
more than one degree Fahrenheit. Moreover, a large part
of the im[)ortant role played by the skin in the regulation
of the bodily temperature in man is assumed by the lungs
in these animals.
Complete calori metrical observations of human beings
in fever encounter diflBculties which have not yet been over-
come. The imperfect or incomplete methods employed by
* Senator, " Untersuch. iib. d. fieberhaften Process," Berlin, 1873.
Wood, " Fever ; a Study in Morbid and Normal Physiology," Philadel-
phia, 1880.
Liel)ermei8ter and by Leyden * in det((rmining tlic heat-
production of liumaii beings in fever justify the inference!
that this production is increased, and apparently, as a rule,
to a greater extent than in animals, hut they Saw Palmetto Plants For Sale do not warrant
po.siti\c concluHi(»n» as to the

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